Monday, May 12, 2014

Moments in Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Whether you have children on earth or children in Heaven, you are a mommy and I hope you were celebrated yesterday! The older I get and the more roles I've taken on in life - becoming a wife and now a mom - I have begun to recognize the selfless sacrifices that my mom has made in her life. And still does. And I'm realizing those things because of the moments I have in my life as a mom. The last few days have really reminded me to reflect on my motherhood and all I will have to look forward to.

There are so many different moments we will experience in motherhood. My mom raised 4 kids with my dad… and stayed at home for 16 years. I was the oldest of the 4; three girls then a boy. All in 8 1/2 years. On my hard days with my one toddler son, I often wondered how my mom did it with four. How did she shower? How did she make time for herself? Did she ever get a nap? Now I understand why she wanted us to take naps! Not only because she knew we were tired and needed it, but I'm sure it was time she needed to herself! What about prepping dinners? School, sports, and church schedules? She was the first one to volunteer to help another person that needed it and stay after events to clean up. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. And through her example, I learned the right things to do.

As a mom, I have many moments of joy. Holding my newborn child for the first time was the most exciting, happiest days of my life. Then came the exhaustion. I'll never forget being so incredibly tired from waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse and change a diaper. But the moment I looked into my sleepy son's eyes and saw him snuggled against me, it was joy. There is frustration too. When you can't understand why they are crying, whining, throwing tantrums, throwing food, throwing balls at the TV. You can't figure out what they want because they haven't learned the words to say it. (Yes, these are personal experiences). You're yelling back at them, "I don't know what you what!" The moments when you know you need to teach them right from wrong, but what is the correct discipline to use? You have to take a deep breath and ask God to give you the right words and to continue giving you patience, like you ask for every single day.

I often find myself feeling guilty too. Guilty that I'm not spending enough time with my son teaching him his colors, shapes, letters, doing crafty things, or playing outside enough. Then there's the guilt that the dishes aren't done, the laundry's not put away, and there's not an extravagant meal on the table because frankly you're not a good cook and although you want to feed your family healthy meals, sometimes cereal or spaghetti will have to do. But then… that laughter. The laughter of my child is probably one of my favorite things. Especially when he's playing with his daddy or I'm tickling him. I love the moments when my sleepy son put his head on my shoulder and pats my back. Those moments when I can't believe he really does understand what I'm telling him to do. Those perfect little "Thank Yous" at exactly the moments he's supposed to say them. The kisses and hugs that make all that exhaustion, frustration, and guilt go away.

My dearest mommy friends - you are doing a great job! I think every mom feel these things at some point. And we all know it. We all want to act like we have it together but the good Lord knows we don't. Thank God that he tells us when we are weary we can come to Him and He will give us rest. Jesus tells us we don't have to worry about what will be on the table, He will provide for us. Yes, the Lord requests of us that we work hard for our families and do it with a right heart. But what a privilege we have to know that we have been chosen to be our children's mommys. Children are such a blessing from the Lord and we have a tremendous responsibility to raise them as Christ intended. So, take heart, moms… and enjoy all the moments motherhood has to offer.

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  1. Love this. Thanks for speaking truths that I needed to hear today!